Under the sea

Our holiday destination this time was Cairns. These photos were taken when we snorkelled on the Great Barrier Reef. For me this was my second try at snorkelling.  My first experience was in Hawaii.  It was great!  Well, to be honest I am a bit scared of seeing what happens under the sea, I am scared that I might see a shark or some other unexpected thing.  But sometimes (most of the time, I guess) there is no choice – as I have a teenage girl who seems to be scarred of nothing. So when she asked me to snorkel with her, I had to go. Then I thought positively about it and that motivated me to move out of my comfort zone. I took all these underwater photos using my new underwater camera, a Canon Power Shot D20. I am quite happy with this new camera. I bought it the day before I snorkelled and used it in the automatic mode. So far, the result are OK. I even took a short movie down there too.

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