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I met Nita Sturdwick in 2013 through mutual friend, around the time when I decided to start off my artisanal gallery in Jakarta, Indonesia. She was lovely and had a lot of creative ideas to discuss, which made me loved her instantly. I needed sets of photographs that tell a story of what my gallery was all about, and I requested Nita to do it. I needed a photographer who had an eclectic eyes: Who had a Western’s styling and composition, and a strong flavor of Asian color palette. Working with Nita was definitely a pleasure: She was very independent and effective when she worked, yet she cared very much to what the client need. The photographs that she produced was exactly what I needed, and I used it for media coverage, press releases, etc. I can even still use those photos now!

I was contacted by CondeNast UK, who was interested to cover a story about the artisan galleries on the street my gallery was on. I send them the pictures that Nita took. They loved them all!

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