A Journey Bespoke – Liz and Jo

When we decided to establish a blog about Expat Life in Jakarta, Indonesia, we turned to our dear friend Nita, who just happened to be a talented photographer.

As someone shy in front of the lens, Nita was able to disarm my nervousness with her warmth, easygoing disposition and professional ‘tricks of the trade’. As a result, Nita’s candid images reflect our personalities as well as capture the characters of those we have met throughout our blogging journey.

Unfortunately for us, Nita no longer lives in Jakarta but if you’re lucky enough to have her available to you as a photographer, we completely recommend Nita.

Joanna Stevens and Elizabeth McLean

A Journey Bespoke blog

2madison Gallery

I met Nita Sturdwick in 2013 through mutual friend, around the time when I decided to start off my artisanal gallery in Jakarta, Indonesia. She was lovely and had a lot of creative ideas to discuss, which made me loved her instantly. I needed sets of photographs that tell a story of what my gallery was all about, and I requested Nita to do it. I needed a photographer who had an eclectic eyes: Who had a Western’s styling and composition, and a strong flavor of Asian color palette. Working with Nita was definitely a pleasure: She was very independent and effective when she worked, yet she cared very much to what the client need. The photographs that she produced was exactly what I needed, and I used it for media coverage, press releases, etc. I can even still use those photos now!

I was contacted by CondeNast UK, who was interested to cover a story about the artisan galleries on the street my gallery was on. I send them the pictures that Nita took. They loved them all!

Maggie Hutauruk Eddy Principle Director 2madison An artisanal gallery for home, fashion, and art. http://www.2madison.com IG: hello2madison