Cairns, Queensland

I feel so excited every time I go on holiday, who doesn’t? I imagine going to a place with coral reefs, white sandy beaches and swimming in the ocean.  All sounds very relaxing but where to go?  Then we thought about Cairns, it is a lovely city, a small town in fact.  There we discovered so many beautiful things. Not just some the beaches, but nice restaurants along Esplanade, a nice public pool in the city where people can swim (for free) anytime (see picture below no 2).  The apartment that we stayed in ( was perfectly located for walking to restaurants, cafes and shops. We were lucky enough to get a room facing the harbour, so when the nightfall came we saw the boats lit up. Simply gorgeous!  On the Sunday morning we took a stroll around Port Douglas market before heading up to Mossman Gorge so the kids could swim in the river. Throughout the  week in Cairns the weather was wonderful.  We could have asked for a better break.

Harbour at night time

Palm Cove is only 25 minutes north of Cairns Tropical North Queensland Australia and 45 minutes south of Port Douglas Queensland Australia. The pristine beaches and Palm tree lined paths are used by joggers, walkers and cyclists and netted life guard patrol swimming enclosures offer safe access to the sea all year round. The Palm cove jetty is one of the regions most popular fishing spots where anglers regularly catch species such as mackerel, Giant Trevally or “G.T’s” and shark.

Green Island

Green Island is a coral cay 27 km (17 mi) offshore from Cairns, Queensland located within the Great Barrier Reef Marine World Heritage Area. The island is surrounded by coral reef and protected in the Green Island National Park. Most visitors come for the day.

Mosman Gorge

Mossman Gorge is located in the southern part of Daintree National Park, 80 kilometres north of the regional town of Cairns and about five kilometres from the cane-farming town of Mossman.

What makes life real simple

Something a little personal from me today. Like many photographers, I sometimes struggle to find the time to take photos of my family – especially with my daughter’s weekend activities and my busy husband’s travel schedule. The only real chance I have is when we go on holiday, but that doesn’t happen too often.  But today we took our dog for walk, she was off the leash and ran everywhere.  She looked like the happiest dog in the world.  I know that a bright sunny day is not great for taking photos, but who cares. It was just a relaxing Saturday morning and I finally had few great shots of my family and a wonderfully refreshing walk.