“True friendship isn’t about being there when it’s convenient; its about being there when it’s not” – unknown.

I am not going to write about how great our holiday was this time, but definitely  it was a relaxing week staying at a lovely beach house that belongs to a great friend, Joanne (check her property at Thanks to her for letting us stay at her place. We enjoyed every day exploring the area. In fact, there are some lovely beaches there that we had not yet been to.  But the main reason to write this time is about the friendship that my daughter has with her best friend, Pearl, whom she known for three years (since we first moved to Australia, I guess).  I like to watch Camille and Pearl when they are together, they are just like sisters (Pearl is an only child too).  They do have disagreements sometimes but I always know they can solve their problems without me or my husband getting involved. When they make mistakes (and its often my daughter who is upto silly things) Pearl is always there for her.  They both take responsibility without blaming each other. I love seeing my daughter when Pearl is around, as she always seems more relaxed as they laugh a lot, although sometimes they get carried away 🙂 . Once when we were at the car on the way home from the beach, my husband asked Pearl would she be acting the same way that she does when she is with other friends.  She said she would never let other friend see her dark side. We all laughed so much. For Camille Pearl is someone that is always fun to be with.  She really likes doing silly things with her and they are always comfortable with each other. I hope this friendship lasts forever or at least until they get older as good friends are always hard to find –  but once you’ve found one, to keep them is a blessing.