Back to saddle

We were very pleased when our daughter decided to start horse riding again. After being away from it for a while, she finally thinks that riding is her passion, and we can tell that she is very good at it. As parents we have always encouraged her to find sports that she really likes and to master them. Sport is not only good for her body and mind but also helps to build her character in positive ways. Whatever sport it is, I believe her involvement in sports such as soccer and horse riding have had a good impact on her social life too. For example, soccer has taught her how to be corporative, to respond quickly and be supportive. In horse riding she has learned patience and how to interact with animals. Apparently with her natural riding talent it is possible that one day this hobby could turned become a prospect career – as long as she practices consistently and takes the sport seriously. I took some shots of her jumping sessions yesterday. After the session finished she said “It felt so good to be back to saddle again!”


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