New coffee shop in Jakarta

Good news for coffee drinkers: perhaps this place should be one of your new destinations. Trafique opened eight months ago and is located in an unusual place (and by that I mean that it is not in a mall or shopping area). It is in fact located at Jalan Hang Tuah Raya, a plain white building and has no sign, only a yellow door – that convinced me that perhaps this place could be quite special. The interior is unique. Its simple, clean and very tastefully decorated. It’s open plan approach is complemented by a high ceiling that adds charm and elegance. I just fell in love right away – and that was before I tried the coffee. I found myself contemplating what I would do if this place were mine: would I make the coffee counter as my open kitchen so that I can entertain my guests while cooking. Cool, I thought – well, places like this always fill me with ideas.

It has really surprised me that there are now so many coffee shops around Jakarta. They are no longer just a meeting place or a place to do a little work on your laptop. The coffee shop has become part of the Jakarta lifestyle for many. No doubt this must be part of the stimulation for coffee shop owners to create a unique places like this one to attract new customers. And, so many offer barista classes or classes to educate coffee enthusiasts: so you not only drink your coffee but know something about what you are drinking!

As most people know, coffee beans of different types and from different places have very different flavours. From one coffee vendor I learnt how to recognise good quality coffee by its taste and that the darker coffee bean does not guarantee quality or taste. I am not a coffee person, I only drink it occasionally, but my husband is. He prefers to buy beans and to grind them himself each time he wants coffee. I do, however, love the smell of fresh made coffee as it is poured into a cup. Sensational. My first experience with Gayo Coffee in Pasar Santa is one reason I would like to know more about coffee. I am learning to like creamy coffee but am steering away from coffee that is too bitter. Gayo Coffee is becoming my favourite.

If you are curious about the Trafique coffee shop, check this out.

© Nita Strudwick Photography© Nita Strudwick Photography© Nita Strudwick Photography © Nita Strudwick Photography © Nita Strudwick Photography © Nita Strudwick Photography © Nita Strudwick Photography © Nita Strudwick Photography © Nita Strudwick Photography© Nita Strudwick PhotographyTrafique Coffee Shop

Jl Hang Tuah Raya No. 9, Kebayoran Baru

Jakarta Selatan


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