Rumah Sejopiri

No matter where we go I think Bali will remain our favourite destination for holiday. The climate, the beaches, the culture and something rather special about Bali always make me feel as if I am having a real holiday. Our 10 days escape was something that we had wanted for a very long time. We decided not to make any schedule or plan, just to let our days go by easily so we could just chill-out and relax. There some restaurants we went to but more just to hang out like Kudeta and Potato Head – both somewhere worth trying. The food and the atmosphere were superb. We also took the kids to the Safari Lodge Park for an elephant ride. It was really a fun ride – better than we had it in Phucket. The Barong dance performance was really interesting too, with their colourful Balinese costumes. The gamelan music really mesmerised the audience. Here’s some photos I took during our holiday. We stayed at Rumah Sejopiri (Sejopiri Vila).  What I liked about this house was that it felt homey – and that there was staff there to cook and clean.  During this holiday there was really nothing to worry about – only think to do: chill and relax.

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