Hawaii Getaway

Our holiday destination this year was Hawaii. It was great to escape from Canberra’s cold weather to a warm place like Waikiki. Holidays for us mean relaxation (we spent most of our time at the beach), adventure (doing something that we don’t normally do such as snorkelling and taking a submarine trip deep undersea), and, of course lots of good food.  And, luckily, Hawaii is a perfect destination to those who like to shop!!!  The snorkelling in Hanauma Bay (see the last photo) was something that I will never forget as it was the first time my daughter and I first snorkelled  together. It was really fun. We also visited the Dole Plantation where we saw many types of pineapples from different countries (see the photos below).  I also have included a few shots from our hotel balcony facing Waikiki Beach. 

6 thoughts on “Hawaii Getaway

  1. Wowww… niceeee Nita, ngeliatnya aja jd ikut rasa anget …hehhehehe… great shots too as usual !!….Bravo ! 🙂

  2. Beautiful photos as usual Nit, uhm btw… disini banyak pineapple juga di depan sama belakang rumah gw ada 2 pineapple yg lagi berbuah, trus disini snorkling juga bagusss banget…. jadi kapan liburan kesini? hahaha tetep ya gw usaha

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