I could not hide my excitement when I met Ira and Rena for this glamour shoot. Especially when I met Ira – it was like meeting an old friend as we both so interested in fashion. As you may know, Ira is a well known Indonesian model.  I still remember her face being on the cover of a teenage magazine (MODE). I was also surprised with Rena as she had lots of ideas for shots.  Although she is not a model, her expressions really did indicate that she has that talent. Here’s the photographs…..

Mother and two daughters

Another photo shoot on a winter’s day, Laura and her gorgeous daughters, Alana and Sophia. It was a bright sunny day and windy too, but I am so pleased that the shots came out so well.  I really managed to capture a happy moment with the  mother and her daughters together, especially when they were hugging each other. Sweet ….

Christmas is here

Shinta and Damon came for a photo shoot two weeks ago, they need some photos for their next year calendar and greeting card (good idea!!).  First I thought I wouldn’t be able to take a good picture of Damon, since I know for some men (I am talking about my husband) smile in front of camera can be so painful and disturbing. But I was wrong, in fact the pair worked very well. They laughed and joking about something, they truly enjoy every moment.  Well then, after taken some shots and of course with music on during the photo shoot it make them even more relaxed. I liked the last moment when they both were hugging each other and feel comfortable with me, then I finally got all the shots. Sweet!