Benang Id new collections

Ah, finally I have finished the photoshoot on time. For the  second time I collaborated with my daughter for new collections. I must say work with my daughter as a model not as easy as you could imagine. She can be so pain in the ass sometimes. Since she knows that I am the photographer and mostly we do our shoot at the studio at home. So you could imagine she must be thinking that we are more having fun than working. Well, actually to be honest we did. I found so difficult sometimes to convinces her that this is my work. However I still expect her to be acting as a professional model. Whatever it is , once you set the commitment whether you only do it for fun or commercial you have to show that you are taking the job seriously. I totally understand if she keeps reminding me that the modelling is not her path that she wants to do for her future. Although with her natural talent in front of camera I wish she will realised that she capable to start modelling anytime this age. But seem modelling is not her interest at all. She rather picks soccer, rugby or painting for her passion. I am, my self can not pursue her happiness but she can. She seem already knows what she wants. At the moment her priority still studying to become a journalist, plays soccer with friends or sometimes does some painting at her own sanctuary (her room). Some of her dramatic painting is now hung in my studio and my parents house.

Here are the shots that we did it together as model and photographer. As you see here we actually a solid team work. Didn’t see you that?  Yes finally the shoot is over. Phew … did you know during this photo shoot she was busy munching some donuts that my clients had brought 🙂





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